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Since my interest in the Haiku form arose out of my exploration of mindfulness, most of my efforts will somehow fall under that heading. So rather than try to force-fit them into previously existing discussions, I will start my own. I make no pretense now, of understanding the nuances of the form other than the 5/7/5 requirement, so I guess they will mostly be "basterdizations". So be it, sometimes the message trumps the format. That being said, I promise to take the time to at least try to understand the rules that I may be breaking. I will start by collecting here the few that have been offered elsewhere.

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Spot on

Knee jerk reaction

Or a moment's reflection

A measured response

High sun, puffy clouds

Plumbers, bills, petulant wife

Lost sight of precepts

heavy eyelids fall
cool blue light pulses gently
thoughts pass unheeded

Thrill of victory

Or agony of defeat

Holding it even

I believe in that balance.

elation or angst
equal opportunity
disruption of ch'i

Fruitless to expect

Neighbor's grass to be greener

Welcoming life's gifts

What breadth in the small

An inch 'tween Heaven and Hell

Butterfly effect

Lost in ennui

Untouched by sensations.

Each day a small death

an emptiness gnaws
diving deep to find its source
i see where you aren't

Paying it forward

While I tend my own garden

Love blooms were its sown

What if I fall flat

Frozen by indecision

Blocked by what if




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