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Tributes to those who died in service to their country, and to those who loved and waited for them....


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heroes and loved ones
how the line blurs when we think 
of a long-lost smile

Thinking of your brother today, M., and of all the honored dead whose smiles live on in the memories of those left behind. 

lilacs are blooming
purple petals grace his grave
as do his son's prayers

Pulled this from Snagg's great set list for Memorial Day. M, I don't know if I told you, but Snagg's posting his alternative radio show again in the forum late Sunday night. http://teebeedee.ning.com/forum/topics/snaggs-radio-show?page=51&am...  It would be nice if you would post a comment now and then--so far I seem to be the only one who's showing up for his hard work.

it's a war of men
creatures try to run from harm
no one ever wins

we feel you near us
in all places hallowed by 
sacrifice and love

today the veil thins...
i feel you strong and smiling
standing beside me

the heroic dead
once laughed, cried, danced, dreamed, made lunch
and brightened our lives

memories of love

swirl inside each of our souls

honor and cherish

the blood moon rises...
its pure white light blankets me
as i dream of you

There are more ways to be lost in war than dying. Here's a song from JT which expresses a piece of that.

mount up native son
may you find your way back home
the war is over

you've been gone so long
but your smiling face and hugs
remain in the now

Honoring you today, Daddy.

in the dead of night
i hear your distant laughter
and wish you were here




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