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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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comin' to save you
don't believe me just you watch
get ready to dance

:>)  <3 <3 <3

hallelujah girl

if that does not make you go

nothing will do it.........

i believe you girl

if i could move just like that

all would dance with me

Haha! I bet you've done lots of happy dancing, metub4!

metub4 weaves
through a cosmic conga line
spreading peace and love

Yeah, isn't it amazing how the maker of that video matched the clips with the music? The sheer joy of it took me right to Draughn.

But then, what doesn't? :>)

yes, great video

to Bruno and his magic

it stays in my head

Bruton's response video 10-11-17: Chicago-Wishing You Were Here

he dances for joy
his passion and ebullience
give wings to the soul

a singular man
made of labyrinths and rainbows
he liberates hearts

he defies dogma
inspiration embodied
he sets minds on fire

embracing all life
he burns at both ends hoping
to sow seeds of change

humble and gentle
his arms are always open
to any in need

his touch is a balm
his words manna from heaven
his gaze pure starshine

worthy of all praise
he is my bright morning star
my fountain of youth

my refuge in life
my soul mate friend and teacher
my eternal love

Forever, Draughn



In a swirling world

From the bottom of my heart

I'm still on your side

in a world gone mad
only love can keep you sane
and your soul at peace

climb or get around
come home however you can
love will be waiting

you will get it right
from the bottom of my heart
i believe in you

your diamond bright heart
love refracts and ricochets
i thrive in its light

beautiful people
you caught them in a photo
then kissed me deeply

every part of me
yearns for every part of you
'cause you're so different

all i want to know
is what you think about me
precious arty boy




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