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as hope seems to wane

our deep seated memories

are over shadowed

keep those times of old

ever present for today

living with the past

goal of beating loss :

good times are immortalized

bad ones slip away

he used to be is
he filled my world with sunshine
and now he is was

how sad my world is
there's no love, meaning, or hope
without you in it

my brother is gone 
he left home when i was five
now he's gone for good

he was a nice man 
choices and fate estranged us
i recall his hug

maybe future lives
will bring us back together
to be friends at last

RIP Thomas Starr King IV, I loved you even though I never really knew you.

Starr, my father, and my grandfather, 1968--all gone now.

ambiguous loss
grief with no resolution...
a balancing act

Kudos to Dr. Pauline Boss, who pioneered the theory of ambiguous loss, for recognizing that resolution is not always possible. Resolution is a Western bias--we want to find answers, fix it, get on with it. In Eastern philosophies it's recognized that grief is a part of life--something many people live with day-to-day.

a box of darkness

left from a former loved one

a grief or a gift?

With a tip of the hat to Mary Oliver for the inspiration.




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