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Not the noblest of emotions, but oh so human....



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never felt before,
icy fingers of envy
clawing at my heart

your past is not mine
and yet the love you have made
sometimes cuts through me

images flood my waking...
echoes of passion

i avert my thoughts
knowing them as petty things...
i feel so ashamed

it's your joy i want
in whatever form it comes...
peace returns at last
key to jealousy
ones feelings or attitudes
toward another

envy expresses
'feel-ittudes' for another's
gains, advantages
raindrops kiss your lips
gusts of wind tossle your curls
sunbeams stroke your skin

everything near you
everyone who touches you
makes me envious
boy from down under
weeps and wishes he were you
foolish, foolish heart

undying love vowed
promise of total reform
"i'll do anything"

silence, then more tears,
"sorry, slick...i understand.
he's the better man..."
first forgive ourselves
base to make peace with others
to reach our repose
she's jealous of him
but she tries hard not to be
she knows she is loved

still, the knowledge stings
his hands on her loved one's skin
the easy laughter...

she struggles with it,
and, in the end, her heart knows
they'll share forever

(Nope, this isn't about me...:>) )
too bad
hours stolen from us
"damned meetings," he grins, "damned job!"
each second precious
glimeren demons
enraged swirling vortices
phantom emotions
frozen in limbo
unable to move forward
envying the wind

envying the girl
who, passing, brushes your arm
not even knowing




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