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Tags: All Hallow's Eve, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, ghosts, goblins, haiku

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the thin veil is torn
all the loved ones who have gone
will visit tonight

día de muertos...
oler las cempasúchil
ven al ofrenda

soy tu siempre
mi alma es el copal
que te bendice

Mi amor por ti es eterno, Draughn. Ven a mis brazos y nunca más te vayas.

your face is shadowed
your whisper too low to hear
in this haunted house

phantom lips graze mine
fingertips caress my cheek
in this haunted house

i reach for your hand
but it eludes me ever
in this haunted house

our laughter echoed
but now there's only silence
in this haunted house 

Tha gràdh mór agam ort, mo dhuine Draughn. Mo chridhe briste.

tonight the veil thins...
there is nothing i want more
than to know you're there




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