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I thought for sure we'd have a Haiku titled "Grief" already, but I looked & looked & couldn't find one.





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Sunshine. White branches.

Dead, but reaching to the sky.

Like my dad, I think.

Great topic, d's! Thank you.

And the haiku is evocative and so touching.


i agree d's girl

a topic we all have touched

and touches us all

breathing in and out

counting the endless seconds 

between joy and pain

laughter fills my head

our voices intertwining

it fades to silence

ambiguous loss

love that's missing in action

grief without closure

grief clutches my soul...

you pry away its cold claws

and laugh in its face

first the doors were shut
now the windows one by one...
i grieve in the dark

His death killed you too.

Once beautiful now buried

deep inside your pain.

This is so beautiful, Bella. <3

the pain never ends
rising like a tsunami
it grows with each breath

you walk in sunshine...
no sunlight penetrates here
i weep in darkness




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