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what's it mean to you......

we all have them in our lives

each unique, special

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looking back this site

picture police have got us

forgot what it was

***anyone know why ?

public pictures disappear

profit was not gained

I have no idea, M. I've noticed that too. Here's where we need computer guru Scott (used to be "Beatnik) to explain how that happens. I suspect, at least in some cases, the "why" is an issue of copyright infringement, which is a far more complex issue than it should be, like so much in the modern world. LOL.

friends are there for us

like when things seem desperaate

nice to have support

my poetic friend
finding the silver lining
in every raincloud

One for you, M. XOXOXOXOXOX

-rain, rain go away

sunny days are here again

at least would be nice

dark, ominous clouds

set to rain on our parade

bring out that lining

I dislike my friends.

They’re needy, egocentric,

But they’re always there.

Welcome Carol T

are they friends or foe?

maybe not having 'those' friends

may be good for while......

but then having none

can be so isolating

none to argue with

I'll take friends I have

accepting their fallacies

as they accept mine

I once had a friend

Or was it my friend had me

Friends have each other

nice to see old friends
still doing what they do best
and still loving it

forever my love...
i couldn't be just your friend
but we began there




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