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This popped into my mind as I wandered Ning. I thought, "geez, we're a great group of people...we've lived through it together." I love you guys.

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Not just cultural literacy, but the same time references! Capt. Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans!
how about Lassie
Ed Sullivan, Twilight Zone
and Mayberry crew
i will be your friend
steadfast through the trials of life
loyal and loving

confronting the foe
standing shoulder-to-shoulder
there is no defeat

it is my great joy
to be of service to you
my eternal love
We've been through the wars,
and I know more are ahead.
Trusting you- brings peace.
Dr Dave + other haiku friends:

come join us - http://myatlantis.ning.com/group/haikusenryu?xg_source=activity

friends last forever
changes happen and then pass
find ways to stay close
Thanks for this, M! XOXOXOXOXOX
a haiku dry spell
trying and trying; no luck
so glad to be back!

A hand in sorrow
You help me bear each bright day.
Two heads are better.
even though not active
our friends will last forever
great to hear from them


our red, white and blue

we have red reds and blue blues

where did the white go ?

division and strife
compromise seems out of reach...
there's so much at stake




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