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Whether you believe in it or not...macht nichts.

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a thousand years with
the memory of your face...
you are my one truth

memory may lapse
but the soul remembers all...
love echoes through time
a singular touch
of grace...this transcendent love...
souls dancing through time
in paralell lives
touching; not intersecting
our love transforms fate
whatever happens
i love you now and always
some things transcend death
This was meant to be?
Who decided, anyway?
Some things just happen

You can make your plans
Or just follow every whim
Life will still go on
No one knows what the
future holds, but love is our
fait accompli
"exquisite yearning,
torturous desire," he says...
craving our union

we will be as one
though heaven and earth conspire
to keep us apart
always to wonder
if one made the right choice...
lives in the balance

having to play god,
too taxing for flawed humans...
the fate of the flesh
is fate now too late?
alternate choices taken
taxed beyond limits
The briefest window
within which to have met you.
How could it be else?
ruthless honesty
can be courage in action...
you are strong and good

let fate determine
what twists and turns the road takes
your task, to walk it




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