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Any ode to the magical elixir, white or red - 5/7/5

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old gym shorts and glue
something green that has grown legs
and my mother's purse
and what brand is that?
:-D ,-D x-D
France, land of fine wine
rolling hills of ancient vines
nectar of the gods
and there's Italy
moscati & chianti
can not leave them out

American wines
catching up to their elders
now stand seperate
Volnay Les Mitans
nose of berry, plum, leather
chocolate undertones

So there (tee hee)! It's from Domaine de Montille...
wine my preference
liquor took its toll early
wonderful wino
you, my heady wine
aged for more than 50 years
the perfect vintage
the glasses clink as
we toast, smiling and laughing,
great lubrication...
local festival
wine garden, old friends, good wine
pleasant times for all
Labor Day weekend
Locals eat, drink and merry
Little Italy




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