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I was watching Project Runway Allstars and there is a brief clip of DVF, Diane Von Furstenberg saying..."its' called Forbidden Fruit"....hmmm, so it got me to thinking...growing up, now or whenever did you ever encounter dream about think about wonder avoid, etc. lol ...well, Forbidden Fruit ??  And just what is forbidden fruit ?

When I was growing up...there were a lot of banned books in my life: Of Human Bondage, Kerouac, Beat Poets,Radclyffe Hall , ..heck Judy Blume for my daughter...seeing movies like Peyton Place, watching David Susskind...those were things that I was drawn to and all considered VERY Forbidden ! I was also such a voyeur into the unknown, or the out there of some people who choose to live their lives as they saw fit...not as society decreed.

My biggest forbidden fruit in the 60's to 70's: beatniks and hippies, especially hippie chicks who were so FREE (yeah I know I know lol lol!) spirited and wild...know what I mean ?So, anyone else have/had a taste for the forbidden fruit ? Care to share the juicy details hmmm ? Oh just stop blushing ! Mon Dieu ! I will not say a word !

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GREAT topic, Beautiful Girl. Sorry I only saw it now.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Forbidden fruit... 

I guess I didn't consider anything "forbidden," except hurting people or having sex with someone's significant other. 

I made love to whomever I wanted, however we wanted. As I rambled through life, I had my share of the famous and infamous and everything in between. Each experience was fabulous.

I've been blessed to have had exceptional people in my life--fascinating, intelligent, creative, loving, passionate. Even those who weren't in it very long.

And in a long life of amazing love, I've found the greatest last. 

I have been one lucky fruit. :>)

Fabulous!  It is always the anticipation of knowing that possibly, hopefully we do save the best for last...we find that all that tasting, was a test for the lush life to come. Oh my !

I agree that unless a hurt was somehow in the fix, which most of us never intent...that the world is but a giant smorgasboard of delight, not always to be considered a glutonous/selfish thing to want to nibble at the earthly delights....though I must admit I do love my figgy puddin ! (yes i dated someone with that name....lol!)

Yup. It is possible.

I had INCREDIBLE lovers and relationships all my life. I lived with one amazing man for 18+ years, and various other men and women for several years at a time. But no matter how deeply I loved them, I couldn't say "yes" the many times I was asked to marry.

Something essential was missing.

I found out what it was some years ago when I met Draughn. When he asked me to marry him, I said "yes!" instantly.

You're absolutely right--all the love and experiences of my past had prepared me for him. For truly unconditional, soul-filling love that asks nothing and gives everything. I only wish I had met him at 20 (I was over 50 when we met).

Sex is spectacular. That is a great deal about him, but it's also something about being older and the lifetime of love we both have behind us. The passion is so deep and rich.

I agree--there's no reason not to taste delights that are freely offered. It's not selfish or "gluttonous."

Joy is part of the human experience.





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