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Is there a (gay) director whose films particularly marked you?


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I have 3 names coming to mind:

  • Jean Cocteau off course for directring, among others, Beauty and the Beast, Les Parents Terribles and Orpheus. Note that all 3 movies were played by his real life lover – Jean Marais.
  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder for classic movies such as The Marriage of Maria Braun and Lili Marleen as well as for other 'not for the faint of heart' realizations.
  • And finally, my favorite director for some time, Pedro Almodóvar (above picture).
Was Hector Babenco ( Kiss Of The Spiderwoman ) gay?

I don't know if he is (I believe he's still alive)... it is for sure one of his favorite topics.

Kiss of the Spider Woman - What a great movie that is! Makes me want to watch it again now that you mentioned it...

Great topic, CLV!  Thank you for this!

I don't know about Babenco either. His filmography is certainly full of gay-themed films, but one can't assume...

Derek Jarman, English film director, stage designer, and author, is interesting. So many of his films are controversial--All are innovative in some way.

Great movie! I can still see so many of the images. Tilda Swinton turns me on as an actress.
Yes, the images.Her as Him as her sitting and leaning against a tree sticks in my mind. Tilda did a movie with Ewan McGregor, she was the wife of a man that ran a boat up and down lochs and Ewan was a hired hand. Quiet movie, but compelling story. Me likey Tilda.

In no particular order:


Lisa Cholodenko

Sally Potter

John Schlesinger

John Cameron Mitchell

Donna Deitch

Patricia Rozema


Hahahaha...you must be working magic, 'cause ain't nobody touched a thang!!!!




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