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and this is kind of interesting....turns out the opposite of what you might expect....

divorce rates are higher in the bible belt than california...gee willikers!

Alaska has the highest divorce rate in the U.S.

See how your state's divorce stats compare with the rest of the country.

By Kristin Wong 4 hours ago

Alaska tops the list of states with the highest rate of divorce, according to this handy tool from FindTheData.org. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Alaska also has the highest score when it comes to "ease of filing." A divorce in Alaska can be processed in as few as 30 days.

The site explains that the divorce rate is "recorded as divorces per every 1,000 state residents who are over the age of 15." On the site, the divorce rate is presented per year. Alaska has the highest rate at 14, but Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma are close behind, at 13 divorces per 1,000 residents. New Jersey has the lowest rate, at six.
In addition to rate, ease of filing and minimum processing time, the site also allows users to compare filing fees. Florida has the highest filing fee, at $409. The lowest? Mississippi, where it only costs $52 to untie the knot.
See how your state compares with the rest of the country at FindTheData.org.

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The same states lead in obesity and Wallmartians.

so is walmart planning on marketing divorces? come on hunny they got a 2 fer 1 sale on deevorces at walmart and i need me sum chicken nuggets




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