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Without taking a position on entitlement programs I think that we can all agree that all of these programs are a huge part of our budget and growing. What can we do about it? Do you think we have to do anything or do we just try and find the funds to keep them going in their present state.

One example of a program that has been growing exponentialy is the "war on poverty"  Back in 1964 Lyndon Johnson launched the war on poverty. Since the we have spent over $16 trillion on the war, with very little results. 47,791,996 people were on the  food stamp program in the month of December 2012. The largest number ever.

By 2008 there were over 1800 federaly subsidized programs and then we passed the affordable health care law. So the question is do we need all these programs. If so how do we pay for them?

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Is it a fallacious use of facts if a troll copies and pastes right wing propaganda?  I mean, trolls are not very intelligent or they would not be trolls.  Is being stupid their fault?

the nra is against letting guns get into the hands of criminals and the mentally ill

the nra is against background checks because it would deprive some of their members of their second amendment rights to keep and bear arms

so how many members of the nra are criminals or mentally ill?

And another from the peanut gallery joins in. Why must liberal a-holes always name call?

Be specific Problem and we can argue on facts and merit. Instead you do exactly wht you accuse others of doing. You use no fact just negative comments. So which specific facts do you disagree with? We can go slowly and take one at a time.

i was specific...you aren't...still the same as on eons. you spend your time posting right wing doggerel and whining about obama yet never refute actual facts. instead you ignore facts that refute your arguments and skip merrily along to the next brain fart

PA was specific and not negative.   It's the toll who's negative and almost never specific, usually just childish taunts and name calling.


A somewhat lamented social network site, Salt....

Started by Jeff Taylor one of the internet multi-millionaires from the buyout of Monster.com.....

Thought that he would create a boomer-senior site which lasted over six years until stopped for lack of payment by the successors, supposedly frittered away about $50 million....

Once Eonites were cast adrift, they washed up on such sites as this.... problem with the site wasn't that it wasn't active, it wasn't active enough with eyeballs for ads....

Problem I really think your name calling is very unflatering. You seem to have a difficulty in justifying your positions without the use of name calling. Good job problem

I believe that you referred to Liberal a--holes. Liberal is a compliment, but a--hole is name calling. Yet you claim problem is name calling. Did you even read his post?

if you notice, facts and refuting actual facts are not a strong suit for some folks. rather it suits them to appear and make silly accusations once or twice a week and then fuck off to watch the fun. facts don't matter. i seem to recall accusations about the keystone pipeline and obama stalling hundreds of thousands of jobs...and the actual increase in employment that would accrue from the keystone pipeline is....(big f'ing drum roll here) .....      35.....

but maybe they were figuring on hazardous waste cleanups and those superfund jobs?

I look at it like this. Here we have at our fingertips one of THE most amazing inventions of all time. Instead of exploring the potential for good and larger minded pursuits some choose to waste time degenerating the conversation into filth. Unless, I'm feeling like picking that particular exchange as my battle for the month, I'm probably going to do something a little more constructive with my time.




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