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Freud asked this question in a completely different context, but I am writing it to ask you what you see as the purpose of this group.  There has been almost no traffic here of late and so it seems like a good time to pose the question.  Dazzling Zoomer GIrl Diana has been gracious enough to start a private group up over at My Atlantis, and it is a fantastic group with alerts and privacy and a good group of people (many from here). What I want to know is, does this group no longer have a purpose, or do you feel there is a place for a public group (with restricted (female) membership?  What would you want to discuss? Why isn't anyone doing so?

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I think that is a great answer!


A wonderful video post WS!

And Joella - what a beautiful and moving tribute to your mother. I 2nd what Suuse has written and I too shall hold her in my thoughts and prayers. When my mother was dying at the age of 56 she and I spoke about how difficult it is to be a "modern" woman (she and I were extremely close and the best of friends). In part, at one point she told me she was so tired of fighting for her rights as an individual, the right to be paid fairly, the right to be treated with the respect she had earned, the right to just be taken seriously in a world run by men. This was in 1988.  We all still struggle with these issues on a daily basis in work and in our personal life.  It seems at times that we women have managed to take two steps forward, and then we are slapped back a step. And I might add it is hardly easy for men either - so I think it is indicative of our troubled times that it has become easier to just capitulate rather than protest, as the (hard won) rights as individuals making our way in the world have been increasingly curtailed, and if one speaks up in any manner, one risks being shunned and brow beaten into submission to melt in with the crowd - rather than risk being labeled a rebel.  I'll be damned if I'll sit back and permit advertisers to use little girls and boys as sexual flavours for their advertising campaigns, and I'll never submit to bullies of any category who do not keep their word and I'll be railing against   "convention" for the sake of fitting in when something is clearly wrong with every breath I have until I die.  I owe it to those who fought the good fight so that I can fight the good fight, one of those individuals being my mother, who was an activist - whom I miss every single day and who's integrity and good example is my guiding light.    

That may be one of the finest things I've heard one woman say about another.  And the poetry of "The background sounds of our summers were laughter"..sheer, shimmering, translucent gold.  


Please tell her I hold her in my prayers.  




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