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Maybe its because I live in Minnesota a land with ice and snow for at least 6 months a year, but something about these just rubs me the wrong way.  I don't mind the height,nor the brads. I like texture, but maybe its all those things along with the colors. The just seem like they're trying a little too hard. Are there recent fashions that put a bee in your bonnet?


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Those would be cute without the patterned heel--too much!

I don't see the appeal ofthis latest trend...

I don't like things with open toes! The snow always gets in and makes my toes pruny!
Better than hypothermic :-)
Today it might be hypothermic!!
I loathe the shoes and sandals that look as though I'm a gladiator wanna be. Idiotic looking unless one is twenty and younger. The above sandals will look okay-ish only on a very long lean leg. On anyone else, they will shorten the leg line and make one look as though one is wearing clod hoppers!

My late mum, who was a very chic Viennese, used to say that sometime the designs were more for gay men (and often designed by them) to wear in a parade or on stage in drag than for real women to wear on the street or to work. Ditto many many outfits. Being in the design business herself, she knew of what she spoke! Sometimes brilliance can take on a decided impractical turn, and sometimes things are designed for their shock value on the runway, and not for use everyday!

Feet are not exactly the most alluring part of the body (unless of course it's one's fetish ;)! Simple and elegant or plain and practical has never gone out of style - it just seems that way. The nice thing about being older, is that we don't have to compete with the young-lings anymore. We can just sit back and watch them trip!
Couldn't agree more, Diana!! (Although I do like a nice pair of boots!
Ohhhhhh now booots - oh yes! Collect boots. (What self respecting Canadian gal doesn't - given the weather ;) But even here in the South, I will wear my snazzy boots until it's too hot to do so!
Love love love this Euro blog - fun to peruse. http://jakandjil.com/blog/

It's easy to incorporate a little of what is super current into one's own personal style. I think that paper bag Chanel bag is a trip!
Great link :-) thanks.
Love that navy pleated dress...
And, I'm gald to hear that "camel may be the new black"
I find as I get older that I can't wear black at my face as well as I used to...
Yes there are some really interesting images there. I'm fascinated by the woven/braided look. (Which would be too bulky for a short person like me in those fabrics, but maybe in something silky.

I wonder if this is the new version of tie dye!? You could do a little navel contemplation and discover your inner self through the rohrschach test! It's a camel! No! It's a guy on a couch watching Lost!

And I love the texture of this one! (Note these are all from http://jakandjil.com/blog/




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