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We win, we lose. We win again! Let us share in one another's joy, just as we share our sorrows. Let us cheer one another onward and upward, whether it be a small victory or a spectacular success. Love. luck, friendships, surviving another milestone living with cancer, the happiness of grandchildren, a new man, a new woman, the same man (or woman) whatever or whomever it is ~ whatever is giving you joy ~ please share with us, so we too can revel with you in gratitude, and applaud your accomplishments!    

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*Chuckle* Have you read all 68 posts in our http://teebeedee.ning.com/group/forwomenonly/forum/topics/the-bra-n... discussion !?!

I maintain that a $168.00 bra should be a gift. From someone who can very easily afford it. There are beautiful bras out there for a fraction of the price ( I know I know - in my size-ish ) ( I do sympathize) but what I'm trying to say is . . . it needs to look terrific, for about 10 seconds. 20 if he fumbles. 5 if he uses his teeth.
Funny...that's how my husband and I approached our first date. Good luck! :D
Kati! That is just awesome!! How exciting for you to be meeting your friend and I can only imagine the anticipation you're feeling. Best of luck to you and please let us know how it goes. I'm excited for you!! Enjoy!!
When I read ... "Live and in the flesh" ... I was going to suggest that clothes should really shouldn't be optional (okay, just kidding!).

So do you know what he looks likes? First time meetings are always so exciting, yet so freightening because if you're attracted to him, you spend most of the time wondering if he's attracted to you. But, the best advice is ... just be yourself and have a good time.

I met my boyfriend online. Our first date was so much fun. We get along pretty well but he works so many hours. Last week, I went to his house and cooked dinner expecting him home around 7pm. Turns out he was still at work until 10:45pm.

So, this week, I'm ready to put him on eBay with a starting bid of $15.
I have a wonderful story that I would like to share for anyone out there in need of hope ...

I live in Michigan with an unemployment rate of 15%. The economy sucks and the home foreclosure rates are freightening. Although the economy is bad across the U.S., Michigan began experiencing this recession and home foreclosures back in 2001 as a result of massive layoffs from the Big 3. Unforutnately, in 2002, I got caught up in the layoffs and have been struggling for permanent employment ever since. Fortunately, I was able to sustain from my own business ventures, as well as consulting and contract work, and in some cases making more money than when I was employed full time.

But 2009 proved disasterous. My consulting job ended (as expected) in Feb 2009. For an entire year, I remained unemployed with no hopeful job prospects. But the blessing was Obama's Stimulus package, which allowed me to retain my $500 monthly insurance package under Cobra for only $175/month (this was truly a blessing in disguise).

The 1st Blessing ... Although I was able to enjoy the summer off, travel and have fun, in October 2009 I was diagnosed with Cancer -- AGAIN -- my second time around. Being a very healthy 52 y/o with no Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesteral, etc., I was stunned! I was really taken aback!! Why was this happening again?

Had it not been for Obama's Stimulus package, I never could have afforded that monthly price tag with trying to raise a 12 y/o child, a home mortgage, car notes, tuition payments, bills, etc.

The 2nd Blessing ... The cancer was caught earlier, as it was back in 1995. Because I was able to get treatment, I have a strong prognosis. This will be my 2nd time around beating cancer.

The 3rd Blessing ... I truly believe that the Angels were watching out over me in 2009 because shortly after my diagnosis and treatment, I was again able to find work which I start on February 1st.

I just wanted to share this story because I'm a firm believer that with everything negative that occurs in life, there is always something positive to be found. So when things aren't going right in your life, always look to the bright side and try to find the positive, because there is always positive to be found.

LOL! Thanks, Kati. Yes, I don't think many of us realize just how truly blessed we are. If we can just look through the clouds, there is always light at the end. I, too, wake up thankful everyday because I have so much to live for and so many who depend on me. And, yes, having a cup of coffee with all that caffeine only gives us the strength to shout it louder! LOL
What lovely posts! Thank you everyone. I've been rather blue and under the weather this past month, very delicate actually, so I'm a tad selfish in wishing to hear good news !

Kati! We will await news!
Anyar - only $15.00 ? For the whole body? Lord - is that lad in the dog house!!!
LFF ~ I love that area of France, perfect time to go - and as I have two friends (sisters) - both extremely dear and close to my heart (one is the sister i never had) that are surviving breast cancer, I so heart you and am happy for you both!
Dazzling, I hope that whatever is keeping you under the weather will soon pass. Likewise, I hope whatever is making you blue will soon change.

As far as the BF, yes, starting bid $15.00, body and all. But, of course, that also includes the other idiosyncrasies that come along with it! LOL
That is so true. When being diagnosed with something so horrible, your life changes. I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1995, then again recently with thyroid cancer. But, I didn't let it stop me then, and I won't let it stop me now. Having something so dreadful stop you in your tracks like that, you then feel the need to truly live life once it's over. I think that's what prompted me to write the thread "What do you do for fun?" Regardless to what we experience in life, fun is important. Being around those that we enjoy so much is important. Doing things we miss or rarely get the chance to do is important. A cancer diagnosis truly wakes you up. It gives you a different perspective on life.
Three cheers and let's celebrate with La Fille Française!

It's Friday - and today is the last day of La Fille Française's 21 years at her profession. It's a dramatic change for her - one we all can relate to - as her job, to use her own words, has gone " pouf " .

So let's have some good cheer awaiting her when she gets home, a cake and some champers (only the good kind mind ;) and lots of encouraging words as we celebrate the closing of one door, and the opening of so many other doors - one at the very least which will lead her to new and exciting adventures!

Kindly note - I've brought champagne, and we always need more, and cake! We need cake (she adores Godiva ;) !

Splendid! (For more on this story and further celebrations - pls. visit with us @ Guys & Gals Connecting :)

You know - you did really well here with your camera and the mirror. Now - I happen to know that you will be looking at it a lot for some time to come - it's a little fascination - one's very first tattoo! A little painting on one's arm - as I used to call it. He did a fantastic job with your design. Love love love it!




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