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DogDreamsThree had three great discussions going, one for inexpensive but nice perfume,scent,etc. and links, one for lipsticks (again - cost effective is key) , and one for inexpensive yet fun ways to entertain oneself and friends during these difficult times.  As she has left us, and TBD - we have lost all that fun and valuable intelligence that everyone contributed. So . . .m'lovelies,  when the mood hits you - please repost your suggestions!  (Next time - I'm going to copy and paste things I want to save!)

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Sad that DD3 and the thread are gone....love you guys.
I remember talking about Cover Girl Outlast lip stain. It is a wonderful stain not to heavy. I can find a color that works for my pale skin.
I love Maybelline's Stiletto mascara! It's better than Estee Lauder's More Than Mascara and much cheaper! I have recently been introduced to the world of bronzers and love the Sephoria brand. What a lovely glow it adds!
Have your colours done again if it was a long time ago. For years I was a definite winter. Now I've discovered I'm an Autumn! Our skin tone changes with age. Mind - not everyone - so you could be just fine!

My expert in Toronto say that some women with cross over skin tones ( I'm olive skin Mediterranean from my dad and and Northern European from me mum) change as they age as one tonality tends to dominate over another as our skin thins out . This happens to women of colour too if there is a mixture of ethnicity.

We mentioned Bert's Bee's colours - so nice and so reasonable too!

Darn. Really missing DD3 again. DART! Girlfriends - no one is permitted to leave without a forwarding what ever and a chance for us to save your posts!!! /;-D

I have attachment issues LOL!!!
It's still viable, it's just been very quiet as the other space has been so busy ;)

It IS so good to see you again, here and there! Let's consider breathing a little life back into this old girl - shall we? LOL! Missed you so much, so don't you dare leave again without a PM!




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