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How is everyone managing with all the restrictions concerning liquids and one's carry on bag? Do you need packing tips? Have some to share? Make it so!

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I love the camisoles and everything else by Spanx. Everything is so comfortable, and it's nice to have things with you that help with the water retention and puffiness that results from air travel. Pricy but everything lasts a long long time and is so very slimming and attractive. I've used my black lace cami with the black thigh length boy shorts as a bathing suit when I didn't have one with me, no one knew the difference and though it was adorable! Spanx under pants (no matter what you choose) is the most important invention since - well, lipstick!

I have the cami, pants and the pencil skirt in black. Sleek, slimming, and it all roles into a little ball. A nice wrap and/or a beautiful scarf and big fake pearls and a tiny clutch and out one can go for dinner, anywhere in the world. http://www.spanx.com/home/index.jsp
Not to mention the "timelessness" of the classic styles. Update the minor accessories, and always very chic.
You are most welcome! It's an outstanding resource, and Evelyn chooses her advertisers . and links with care so where ever you go with her is interesting. Subscribe to her once a month news letter. Wonderful.
LynneAnne. I am fascinated by the "cubes" and "envelops" and would appreciate the brand name. Wonderful post - we all thank you! I will apply bright yellow felt to my laptop cover now - terrific idea and I was unaware that one did not have to take it out of it' sleeve as a matter of course!?!
A little something I never travel without. Handy for when you are out and about even in your home town, and a MUST for any road trip - esp. with a spouse who insists that you can hold it another 50 miles, and then misses the turn off for the rest stop.


Practice a bit, and you will be able to pee just like a guy. With better aim too.
I use the plastic dry cleaning bags to pack my clothes with. They are light, always available at my house and wrinkles upon arrival are at a minimum. It on the very rare occassion I do come up with something wrinlkled I just hang it in the bathroom when I am taking a shower and the steam releases all the wrinkles. I always roll knits and slacks because it also helps with the wrinkles and makes more room in the case. I almost forgot, I always take one change of clothes in my carry on just in case I get there and my suitcase doesn't and finally, I wear flip flops to the airport and change into my business heels when I get there..........

I am often asked whilst travelling where I buy my travelling cloths, esp. my Cabela's (Outdoor Gear) Flap Jacket (I'm wearing it in my profile picture and here, it belonged to my late father) and my vest, (called "Different Drummer McVerick Vest by Tilley). Eighty percent or so of what I wear is from home.asp?countryCode=US

From their fabulous hats to their terrific almost indestructible travel cloths, A Canadian family owned company. I can't recommend them enough. Best travel hats in the business. I can't tell you the things I've done with my hat, and it's still a great hat, after more than 15 years or so of hard wear.
Grrrr... it's not my day today in the weird world of ning. I can't edit my post. At any rate, the Canadian company, with retail stores here in the US is Tilly's Endurables. http://www.tilley.com/home.asp?countryCode=US
Sigh. Sorry sorry, still can't edit - it's a Tilley Endurables "Different Drummer Maverick Vest" . Just great to travel in, full of pockets, don't need a purse, love mine.
Oh!!! Lookie what I found! I'm always on the hunt for great cloths that are original in design and relatively affordable AND that pack well without wrinkling (because they look great wrinkled ) AND have multiple uses !

Check out UBU ! I've just fallen in lust for The Pillow Jacket in peacock Onyx . . . and a blouse, and two skirts . . . their jackets are reversible . . . love this! (Ya think she's excited or what!?!)

Always pack a bottle of vodka in your checked baggage (plastic). Theres nothing like a good slurp after a long trip, and after being squished in with all those strangers, the best place for that slurp is your hotel room in the bath tub. Mother Sanity.




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