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After a few hours of reflection, and a very care perusal of the myriad number of groups here on TBD (plus a good chat with my beau TSD), I have come to the conclusion that the great grand men of TBD do need their own group - set to private. When George Richards approached me about the idea yesterday, I immediately chided! "WE ARE OPEN" I cried - "and many (many) men have written to me complimenting us on our group - stating how much they enjoy reading us, and how much they have learned! Your group should be open too"!

Then again - upon reflection, I believe he is right - men are more forthcoming amongst themselves when not being scrutinized by women. So! If you have a man here you like who would appreciate George Richards efforts - encourage him to apply for membership. I am encouraging my best male chums!

NOW! This all begs the question - do we women need a "For Women Only II " - closed and by invite only - to discuss subjects we (too) don't feel we can talk about in the open?

I initially wanted this set to private- membership only - but made the mistake at the onset that can not be corrected once decided upon. Let's hear it from all of you please, should I start a subsidiary tier in order to discuss issues we are not comfortable discussing in public? Just like the guys? Or are we good with what we have, and do you all feel comfortable discussing just about anything - including men's issues and how they affect us, in public for them to read?

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The issue of a "For Men Only" group has resurfaced as Peter James was unhappy about not being able to post here in FWO and for being banned today for doing so despite a warning and a request to leave our group.

The discussion started by Peter James is in Guys & Gals Connecting. Knowing what I now know as to the postings in George's group - (which were revealed by an angry member to several women here on TBD including myself) I have strongly suggested that if a FMO is started, it be an open group. Needless to say - we GET "For Men Only" and I can't ever imagine a women wanted to breach such a caveat !
What did I miss? I am new here so clue me in. I just read the postings in guys and gals connecting - it appears this Peter chap has a valid point. But I do not like the delivery means so this may put some people off. Having two boys changes my opinion drastically and I see what they are going through with college applications and financial aid.
What is valid about Peter's point please? Kindly clarify your question T&T. Thanks.
Oh Zoomer I do not have a question. Just saying that men need an exclusive group also and if they want to start one, we should just say it is ok. Sometimes I think feminism took things too far. I interpret what he is saying is that if men wanted a group of their own they would get ostracized for establishing one. I do NOT agree with how he goes about saying things and try to look past the in your face and non subtle way he barks a message.
My two boys are having a daunting time getting into colleges with fantastic grades and athletic prowess. I guess I am a little raw from that due to the fact that I think tables turned and the pendulum swung from one side to the other without landing in the middle. As their mother I see and feel the anguish of being a young man in this world. Just my opinion. I see things from the male perspective sometimes when viewing the world through the eyes of my boys. God blessed me two boys for a reason. Sometimes we need to cut men a little slack that is all.
Ah. Yes. I understand. Thank you.

Let me bullet point this for absolute clarity.

1. A "For Men Only" group was in existence here on TBD. Kindly read through this discussion for an overview. I advised James in Guys & Gals about the group - it's demise, and suggested he start one a fresh. Please read through all the comments in response to his protest.

2. James entered our group and persisted upon posting even when he admitted that he had become aware that this group is for women only. He has been banned, his posts have been deleted, and any man found joining and posting will be dealt with in the same manner. This is my group. I call the shots. Thankfully I (also) have a group of mods who agree with me.

3. We had quite the discussion here about men, feminism and the potential of emasculation. I started it. It became heated. * I will return with the name of it. I welcome a revisit of it - I certainly can understand your point T&T - but . . .

4. And this leads me full circle. I have update my intro, and guidelines. To whit - men are not invited to participate here, but they are welcome to read whatever we have to say if it is of interest to them. If there is an issue or a subject they wish to discuss with us - they can do what James did (quite constructively) and that is post it in a group that they feel their issue will suit, and send me and my mods an invitation accordingly. We will respond with appropriate "reciprocity" - as MysticalMaria (who is one of our mods), along with LFF (another of my moderators) and I did.

There are groups for just about anything one can think of here on TBD. I will not sanction men having a voice in my group. I have strict guidelines posted that should preclude any ambiguity. Bottom line is I have to listen to men one way or another all day - every day.

I want a place where we all can speak about things - whatever those things may be - without a male point of view. This is that place here on TBD.

It is not discriminatory. This is just a corner of sanctuary where we gals can re-group and shore up our sanity.

* A link to the discussion to which I refer: http://teebeedee.ning.com/group/forwomenonly/forum/topics/where-hav...
Given that you have two sons you may find it interesting. I have a step-son - I can appreciate your concerns.
P.S. I just needed someplace to place my mood today about it all . . .

I've put this all to a membership vote as the latest subject further clarifies.




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