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What are your plans for the weekend?

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I wish, Timbo. My Dad is having his surgery to reattach his colon this Friday. Remember his surgeries from March? Well he gets to get rid of that dang colostomy bag. The surgery is somewhat risky just because he's 85. He's built Ford tough so I suspect he'll do fine.

you have some lifestyle mr.boy,i went to the local church carnival for some Polish food.that is all.

That sounds like fun.  Did you go on the rides?

no,but little brother won a big plate of homemade brownies on the number wheel.

lotsa potato pancakes,pierogies and kielbasa.

Yum - pierogies!  Many years ago, a former boss of mine would give me homemade pierogies for Christmas!  And yes, he made them himself and yes, they were wonderful!

it's all home-made food by Polish people.they're great with ketchup.i get mistaken for Polish a lot.

Do you look polish?  My kids almost all look like their father and look very Lithuanian. 

I grew up in a small Polish town,been fed Polish food,even learned to speak a little Polish,but no,i'm not Polish,i'm Hungarian,but I guess that's close enough.

Another weekend here and I'm so looking forward to the Harford county BBQ Bash.  It's a cooking competition and loads of food vendors with lots of BBQ and tons of entertainment all weekend.  Can't wait to go. 

When I go to Chicago next month I plan a Polish meal in that part of town.

Hoping finally to get to the Farmer's Market on Saturday!  I can't believe that i haven't gone once this summer!

Just came back from listening to a really good band.  They'll be there until 10PM, but it's too humid to stay outside any longer and I have to be home before it starts to get dark.  It's up at the BBQ bash.  Loads of people competing with their food and also vendors selling all sorts of stuff and loads of good food.  I'm going back up tomorrow afternoon.




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