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Since the Science of Love quiz had some entertaining results, I think it's time for another quiz.  At least I had a somewhat presentable score on this one!!
Quiz: Can That Be Reused?
I learned a lot from taking this quiz!
Here are 10 household items that often end up in the trash.  See how well you know how to reuse them.
Your Results: "You answered 8 out of 10 questions correctly.  Score: 80%"
How did you do?

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Golly, I didn't make it past the first question -

as the 4th item just said `B and C'  huh???????

Those are often answer choices, ozzie.  It just means are both of them the correct answer, rather than just one of them.

"Ohhhhh" thank you TW, the light-bulb just went on, lol,

I shall know next time.




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