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American Idol is in full swing and Dancing with the stars just started on Monday.  Are you watching either of these shows?  I love American Idol.

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I used to watch Idol all the time. IMHO, since Simon left it has suffered greatly. I found the show not only lacked a judge not afraid to tell it like it is, I found the remaining judges got even nicer. It was almost like no judge wants to be the bad guy at all anymore; something they never had to worry about when Simon was there. They would always appear nice by comparison. I also found I tended to share Simon's taste the most. There were exceptions; Taylor Hicks being a huge one.

I rarely have watched DWTS. The most I ever watched was last season when Donald Diver was on (I'm a big Packer fan). And even then, I probably watched at most an hour all season. I have not watched either of these shows at all this year.

I'm not a fan of reality shows since I feel that the hosts/hostesses/judges can often be abusive of their position and wind up humiliating people...like on Biggest Loser. I did watch DWTS a lot for the first 6 seasons but then I tapered off as I wasn't familiar with a lot of the contestants. Then I felt that the dances themselves were becoming too difficult and the choreography more difficult and there were too many injuries sustained. Now I don't watch it at all.  

The Amazing Race is the only one of these programs I can stomach...

And I hardly watch it...LOL

I've never seen American Idol or Dancing with the Stars - never! I have watched other reality shows in the past -- America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance (last watched it in 2008!). So, it's not that I don't like reality shows, it must be a timing thing! LOL

I have to admit that when I do start watching them, I'm hooked!

I'm seriously hooked on American Idol.  Now I have the baby watch it with me.  She seems to like music. 

I used to watch DWTS but it has changed a lot and I am actually bored with it.My daughter is still watching it .The only thing that caught my eye was Derik and Val. The only reality show I try to watch pretty regularly is the Miami Housewives.I am amazed at how selfish and egotistical they are.The only one I like is Elsa she is a very funny lady.

Ok, I admit it, there are some other "reality" shows I watch when I happen to "run into" them while channel surfing -- Chopped, Finding Bigfoot, American Pickers, and Pawn Stars, also. Finding Bigfoot is hilarious! I especially laugh at them when they embark on their "solo" adventure - that's when one of the members spends the night "alone" in the woods looking for bigfoot -- but, who's operating the camera? LOL Pawn Stars is funny because they (the pawn store people) are so predictable -- don't any of the customers watch the show! LOL When someone tries to sell them something, they ask how much they want for it and then typically offer about 1/2. So, I always wonder, why don't they ask for more? Stupid people or scripted TV? I'll guess the latter.

AND have they EVER had a BAD town hall meeting? Love how Moneymaker goes from one superlative to another describing that week's big foot witness stories; about how vivid they are and what credible witnesses that area has. I also love Moonshiners (funny characters) and Swamp People.

At least the Finding Bigfoot show "investigates" some of the less-than-credible accounts.

Have to laugh when Bobo talks about what Bigfoot does as if he's witnessed one -- how they walk, how they sound, and especially how they are so smart that they avoid places where they'd leave footprints! Cracks me up!

THIS is why I watch DWTS!! 

OMG!  I had forgotten how that man affects me!  I'm gonna go take a cold shower. 

He is a real sexy looking man.His accent adds to his appeal.I better go bake a cake or something.




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