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If any of  you have any friends on the site that's shutting down, please encourage them to make the move.  We only have a few short weeks before the other site is no more.  Most of us are here but let's not lose any of our friends.  Thanks Guys. 

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Pack up your bags and follow the trailer...hot coffee and doughnuts will be at our new  destination

I'll be the one with the snows hovel...we had 12 inches so far but I gave up as i am pooped from shoveling

Julia, where are  you that you have 12 inches of snow?

Yes, TBD #1 will be closing on December 31st.  I'll post another message on the Eons Connection Group on TBD #1.

Love your sign, Julia!

thank you  Sherrie, I actually followed that trailer leaving Montana.  Cousin said he was taking a short cut so i followed and was doing just fine till we got to Spokane then all hell broke loose when we got diverted in Spokane because the traffic was blocked because of a guy trying to kill a policeman....they sent us off into some shopping center and after 20 minutes cousin bolts over a cement island with me following like Velcro stuck to his bumper but after a few turns and a long drive south we got to our destination in Yakima Wa

I'm confused, I had not realized that the possibility of TBD1 still existed,

I do remember TBD in the 2007's having to move to a Ning platform,

however, I thought it was a continuation of the original TBD.

Now, if I am here with you folk in this Group right now,

is this the TBD that will continue ?

Clarification needed please.

This is Tee Bee Dee; the group that will survive, the group that is closing down is TBD.

Hot on JULIA's tail, ha ha, hope we have a snow mobile in that trailer.

Robert my rich uncle set up a train for everyone to take...free bunks for all and food in the dining car





I just left Think.Be.Do.  Quinn has a put a very large message on the front page showing the closing of TBD, on December 31st.

I really like this TeeBeeDee.ning.com site.  Very easy to navigate.  I hope it stays around for a long time.

Thank you JULIA, I enjoyed your TRAIN RIDE for today

which I shall keep with me the whole day through!

Okay Helen...I'm in!

Cool Carol.  Glad you found us.  I keep putting notices on the old site.  The majority of us have made the move, which I really am happy about. 




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