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I am watching the newscasts about the horrible tornado in Oklahoma.  Those poor people have lost just about everything.  What a horrifying storm.  Those folks are in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope they find the rest of the kids in that school.  They must have been terrified

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I have just seen the horrendous devastation that the massive Tornado has left in it's pathway

in Oklahoma, on our 5pm News over here in Australia, and I am so very sorry for all those

people that have lost loved ones, believed to be in excess of 90 people, together with

at least 24 children not found or recovered from a local school, it is unbelievable that

people's lives can be turned upside down in less than 45 minutes when nature's weather

takes a deathly toll such as this.

We will most certainly be holding fund raising outlets towards relief of some kind.

I'm so very sorry.

It's wonderful see how resilient those folks all seem to be, but it's so sad that children were killed.  The tornado is so quick and so destructive.  I read that the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was nothing compared to this tornado.  That's so sad.  I doubt if there's even place in the community to hold the funerals.  I'd be scared to death with that type of storm.  Hurricanes do give you a change to get out of it's path.  Not these things. 




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