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I think we all agree that most of the time that life is good.  What in your life makes life good?

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I guess that I have a good job, insurance and a roof over my head.  Also my dog and horses.

my dog

Getting up every morning is a really good thing. My family is a real plus  making my life very good, I Am so grateful that I am still enjoying things and people as much As I ever did. I guess I am a little less patient than I used to be. I am working on that. I work part time and I love getting out and doing things.  I love Christmas I haven't made any plans for that yet. That will be a family decision, I forgot to mention my wonderful  Miss Dixie, She is a very important part of my life. I can tell her all my secrets and know they are safe with her. I know that God has blessed me abundantly. The one thing I would change is no serious relationships . They just don't work out for me. 

All the usual things: my family, my friends, my dogs, having enough to live comfortably, the activities I choose to be involved in, but today I am most thankful for Fred, the electrician who is in my kitchen replacing the old light fixtures with recessed lighting.  I am looking forward to actually seeing what I'm cooking!  Life is good!!  :-)

My family and my dog.  I don't get to see my friends very often, but I'm looking forward to going "home" for the Holidays.  I am grateful for the home I get to live in because of the generosity of my son. 

Karin, are you staying "home" through Christmas? 

I don't know yet, Helen.  Part of me wants to stay.....but a big piece of me wants to come back here and put a little tree up and sip a little wine or egg nog and watch White Christmas.  I miss my own little traditions.  Up there, I have to be part of theirs. 

Karin, I know what you're saying.  I spent one Christmas in 2006 with my brother.  It was the first time we had spent Christmas together since 1974.  While it was wonderful, I missed all my kids.  It's hard to decide sometimes.  I'm sure you'll figure it out and be happy.

My family and my health.Glad to wake up every morning.

What makes me life almost perfect are my kids, grandkids and a wonderful friend.  I am also grateful for all my friends, because they all add a special something to my life.




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