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I "borrowed" this from a friend in another discussion group, but I just had to share it!

To my Friends in this group: I need to be more active & spend less time on the computer, so December 31st will be my last day in Exhilarating Singles for the year .... I will return at the start of the New Year on January 1st. Thank you for understanding, I'll miss you all dearly.  Passing the coffee pot ...

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That is way `cool'  lol!

This is good.  We all do spend a lot of time having fun in these groups. 

Love it!!!  I wish we could all meet on the beautiful beach on New Year's Day!

Meeting on a beautiful beach sounds like a plan.  It's currently 29 degrees here in Maryland.  It was so windy here today, I couldn't walk.  There were gusts over 40 mph.  Snow yesterday. Winter is getting really old already.  Anyone else ready for spring?

I love the concept, TW. I don't think I'll be back til next year, either.
It's 22 deg here in Indiana, but it's crisp and clear. I like it.....but then I'm from Minnesota; I'm used to it. However, that beach does look inviting.

May 2013 be good to all of us.
Happy New Year!

And tomorrow, we'll be saying....

Well, if you HAVE to be gone until next year, I'll miss you! I plan to stay right here!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I still have today to be here; and, of course, I'll be back tomorrow!




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