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Labor day weekend is here.  I guess summer as we know it is over now.  I hope everyone has a good long weekend.  Anyone have any good plans? 

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I'm at a wonderful resort in Florida.  They have a large heated pool where I can swim laps, and a very large, jet-whirlpool heated hot-tub thing where it's nice to sit and stretch muscles.  I'm actually in paradise, I suppose, but one thing is very troublesome.  There are lots of attractive women here, but every one of them is with a guy.  It makes me wish I had someone to share vacation adventures with.

("With whom to share adventures" for the grammatically fastidious.)

Robert, my niece just posted on Facebook that people who correct other's grammar are suffering from Grammar Pedantry Syndrome and then I came here and read your message.  Needless to say, it made me laugh.  Also should admit I needed to look up the word pedantry, which basically means making a show of your knowledge.  Always good to learn something new each day, so thank you.

I do hope you are able to enjoy your piece of paradise, even without a partner....at this stage of life, I've found it's hard to find someone with whom to share adventures, whether male or female.  So just relax and enjoy yourself.

Grammar Pedantry Syndrome!!!  Love it!  To paraphrase a Winston Churchill quote to address GPS: "That is a condition up with which I cannot put."

I'm off for a late night swim, and then a long soak.  I really am in paradise, so I should count my blessings.

Thanks for the laugh about GPS.

You're welcome!!  And thanks for the Churchill laugh!!

Bob, enjoy the nice warm weather and the pool.  It beats working all weekend.  I'm babysitting all weekend.  Thank goodness I have the neighbors to talk to. 

Alaska is an incredible experience, whether by land or sea.  Remember to dress in layers because as I remember from my trip 11 years ago, it did get brisk, which sounds like just what you're looking for.  Scenery is incredible, enjoy yourself!!

Sun princess have fun in Alaska, where are you going? You will love it and this is a good time of the year to go.

I played 2-1/2 hours of water-volleyball today.  Even though it was non-competitive (each person can hit the ball as many times as he or she wishes, and each side has unlimited hits, plus you can serve from anywhere you want), my back is telling me that 2-1/2 hours was way too much.  I hope it feels better tomorrow; tomorrow is my last full day here before I head toward home (southern Illinois) on Monday.

Good to hear you're having a good time Bob. 

I've spent the weekend listening to friends play - first at the VFW open mic Friday night:


then at a concert at the Moroccan Shrine Saturday night:


followed by hearing a really good rock band at Lynch's Irish Pub, but I was too busy dancing to record anything, then this afternoon at Slider's in Neptune Beach:



Something for everyone, lol!




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