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Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I'm babysitting all day today, until at least 11PM.  I love doing it and the weather isn't conducive to going out.  Hoping it's nicer tomorrow.  What plans do you have this weekend? 

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Cool here in Jax Beach this weekend, so no plans to go out and play during the day, but I promised to go out with my girlfriends tonight to hear a band.  The lead singer is a former student of one of my girlfriends, so I'll brave the cold to go with her and another friend.  Tomorrow morning is Donna's (Deegan, a local news anchor who is a breast cancer survivor) Race for the cure, and the roads around me will be closed for that, so I'll either stay home until after the race is over, or I'll just ride up to the strip mall a mile away that won't be impacted by the race!  Going to be cold again tomorrow (high of 54, which is COLD in my book, lol!) so no plans to be out and about just for the heck of it...

Same to you dear Helen. Have a relaxing one.  I have to go fix the computer in my car. It decided to go wacko! lol

Hi in the 80's but goes down to 70's at night. good sleeping weather lately, I'm grateful. I think I'll write another chapter to my book when I get back fro the car agency.

Working on Taxes.  Did the Federal last week and am working on the State Income Taxes now. Ten degrees F here but very sunny with the sun reflecting off of the snow.

Shadowman, ten degrees?  I'm complaining because it's in the 30's here in MD and very damp.  Been a few years since we've seen those kinds of temps here.  It hit mid 20's last week.  That was brutal enough.  Good luck with those tax returns. 




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