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Everyone thinks of New Year's resolutions with each change of year but back in 1999 I started a bucket list which morphed into a goal list for each year. Last night I looked at 2012's list and set up 2013's list. I had a couple of carryovers..learn golf, going cross country skiiing and earning qualifying scores in 3 dressage shows. In a week I'll  look at it again to see if I want to add more. I do have a resolution that I do keep each year...to accept the changes that will occur during the year without stressing out too much. Are you a resolution person, a goal-setter or what? 

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My goal for 2012 was to continue paying down my credit card debt and it's the same for 2012.  It's not terribly high but it's taking me longer to accomplish because of many car repairs that have to be done.  I also knew I had to started eating healthier and last year I started on a much healthier diet.  I have lost 21 pounds since October 1st.  I will continue this goal for 2013.

Carol, your resolution to accept the changes that will occur without stressing out too much is a great one to follow.  I will remember it this year. 

I would like to know how you did it.

It's great that you achieved one of your goals! I confess to being a yoyo dieter and right now I'm still eating on the holiday schedule. Sometime this week I'll jump back into healthier eating.

I will open the book. Its pages are blank. I am going to put words on them myself. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is today, New Year's Day.

I hereby resolve to wake up every morning of 2013. I'm counting on you guys to hold me to it ;-)

I hope to fill the pages of my 2013 daily note book with happy thoughts.I am going to continue with my diet and exercise program too.I hope everyone has a very healthy , happy 2013.

Oh Carol, I understand being on that holiday eating schedule.  I have put on 10 lbs, but I am done with the eating what I shouldn't.  With the winter upon us and not being able to walk 3+ miles a day, I'll settle for not putting anymore back on and walking at least a mile a day when it's not too cold.  That should help. 

It's a good start Helen. I've sometimes found that after an extended period of unhealthy eating, it's a bit difficult to return to better eating habits and that beginning with exercise helps to reestablish the pattern of healthier eating. It certainly increases the appetite.




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