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What kind of places do you like to go have fun, especially in the summer?  I love to go for walks and take my almost one year old granddaughter so she can enjoy the sights.  There's many other things to do all summer. 

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I shoulda been the one doin the drinking

Living with someone who drinks in excess, makes you want to drink.  I was married to an alcoholic and it was awful. 

same problem here,Helen. she got loaded everyday and cursed me up and down.

Mine kept getting locked up for stupid stuff, like driving on a suspended license and wouldn't work regularly.  He got locked up one time and I left while he was.  I've never looked back.  Best decision of my life. 

Some women don't appreciate what they have.

I have to agree with you Karin.

So many women I've known are looking for a perfect man. There is no such thing! We are all human, and, as such, we are all imperfect. If you love someone, you love them despite their imperfections. If you're looking for perfection....you're gonna die alone.

I know what you mean,i'm almost not perfect myself.

Since it is warm here in Florida where I live. I do much the same summer and winter. I love walking by the Ocean or the   Indian River, Visiting the zoo and going to the Kennel Club in Daytona. I enjoy fishing and exploring too. If a Sea Shell Show is around I will be there.  I am addicted to them. Browsing in the malls is something I enjoy doing too. It is a bit hot for gardening in July ,August or sometimes even Sept. I like doing that when the weather cools down. Of course I spend a lot of time with the A/C and my cat Miss Dixie.

A lady I know from my senior group took me to a new place tonite.  It was a bar, but not like many I have ever known.  We enjoyed live Blue Grass music, and they have a real chef who turns out some class A food.  The place was packed, the bartender a lot of fun, and the music great.  A good time.  I'll be going back.  I'm told they have a Grateful Dead night the first Tuesday of every month. 

You guys are right that none of us is perfect, but I need one the next time whose flaws don't include verbal and emotional abuse.  We all deserve that.

perfect is boring.




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