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Two good playoff games today.  Go Ravens and 49'rs.  Let's have a Harbaugh bowl.  Anyone else watching the game today?

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I love Football and the Ravens.  Here's my favorite Raven.  Go Ravens tonite!

I might watch a game, but since my Packers lost, I've lost interest! LOL

Go 49ers and Ravens!

We're half way to the HarbaughBowl.  49'rs just won.  Now come on Ravens!

I'll be right there, rooting for the Ravens with you, Helen! 

It's looking good at the moment.  My son's girlfriend made the trip with friends from here to the game this morning and they're coming back tonite.  I just hope they're ok driving that far after being up all day.

Helen, you and your favorite little Raven fan brought good luck to the team, and of course they played their hearts out too!!  I fell asleep because I have to work tonight but I woke up during the game and heard some of it.  I just read the good news online and saw that the coaches of the 49ers and Ravens are brothers, so you will have your HarbaughBowl!!  It's going to be a very exciting Super Bowl this year. 


Not at all, I went to a music festival instead.




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