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How many of you put up decorations for the holidays?  I always put up a tree and some other decorations, but this year is going to be slightly different.  I have a number of ceramic decorations and nutcrackers that I'll probably not be able to put up with the baby.  What are some of your favorite ways to decorate?

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you did say favorite.

OMG.  That's funny

I change it up a little every year because I never remember what I did "before" and I sometimes decide not to use something. When the kids were little and we were unable to make the trip "Home", I began making some decorations, mostly ceramics. I painted a manger that is "scenic" from ALL SIDES. One side has the manger, wise men, etc and animals and the other side has the words of Jesus' birth painted on the other. I also have a couple other mangers I set in different places.  Ihave a whimsical bunch of things I made for the kids back in the day where I used to let them have their own "decorated by THEM", children's table. Now I group that stuff together. I have another area where I set up my quirky light up village that is my daughter and my personality combined....there is a bookstore, a Pet store, a city park a bed and breakfast, and a FARM. My mom made all our stockings years ago and we have some for the pets too. I decorate the mantel with my collection of churches. Some I made, some are bought, one my MOM made when I was little, EACH one is UNIQUE. In a table by the window, I put up my TIMMY TREE. He has lived in Wisconsin for several years and though I have seen him through the year, its usually NOT at Christmas so I decorate the tree with his "personality". SOME are his childhood ornaments that he did not want to take along (I'm OK with the fact that he doesn't want to put his BIG BIRD and COOKIE MONSTER ornament up or BABY"S First Christmas....LOL). Before  my daughter moved in with me, I used to have a tree for her as well but we put them all up on the "big" tree. My mother had made several "tree skirts" when I was a kid though heaven forbid we ever used them under a sticky live tree!! NO way...they were always on end tables and such. I do that as well. I had a reindeer collection...stuffed, ceramic, and painted wood and I would set them on big white pieces of cotton. My dog, Brittany that we had when the kids were growing up never even glanced at them but my dogs now, wag their tails, walk over, "CHOOSE" a reindeer friend and hop up on the couch with it.....LOL!!! So, NO MORE REINDEER!!!




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