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If you could go anywhere and take a nice long vacation, where would you go?  Who would you like to take with you? 

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Hey Tim, you do know that your pick up isn't amphibious?  :)

I'm sure he'll find a way to sail that sucker to Figi there and back, no problem.

they sell that stuff in a spray can,i saw it on an infomercial,they sprayed the car with this stuff,and the car actually floated,it's true,i saw it on tv.and I know my tv wouldn't lie to me.

I saw it too. But my TV lies to me sometimes. Never call the doctor if the erection lasts for more that four hours.

I wouldn't call the doctor,i'd call another hooker.get my money's worth.

You two guys are hilarious.  Spray on stuff to make the truck float.  I like that.  Let's get a party going and all get in the truck and sail to Fiji.  Where's Karin, I'm sure she'll want to join us. 

Four hours.  Why didn't I ever get that lucky and someone with that problem?  Life's just not fair.  :)

There's Tim in his floating truck in route to Fiji!  Give her some gas. 




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