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Hmmm.... I guess I shouldn't try this test after running 10 miles this morning when the temp was the coldest it's been all year, 'cause I had to use "all fours" to get up and down! 
 Researchers said that middle-aged and elderly people who needed to use both hands and knees to get up and down were almost seven times more likely to die within six years, compared to those who could spring up and down without support.  Geez, I wonder if I'll still be above ground when I'm 80?

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Had to try this to see how I'd do.  Needed one knee on the floor to sit down, but both knees to get up.  I think that gives me a 7.  For what it's worth, I can't imagine running 10 miles, even in good weather.

Thanks for the post, and a new exercise to add to my routine.

I don't know if I like this study

I think I scored 7 but who knows

one hand helped me down and a hand and a knee helped me up

I do not like the cement floor in this cottage!

Great test. When you think about it, it really reflects a lot about the shape you are in.

You got that right, mqm!

Getting down was easy, I just fell down. Took six guys to get me up. Not surprisingly, the same number of pall bearers at your average funeral.

Ten miles! You are an inspiration Judy. Sorta take away my excuses.


Aw, thank you mqm!

Well I clicked on that link and had a read, and it's quite a spooky read at that.

I know if I tried to sit on the floor I would get so far (I am 179 cms tall with 

my body weight at 65kg's), then gravity would take over ending with a

thump on the floor. Maybe those 159 volunteers that died during the 

course study, unknowingly forced their spine up through the tops

of their skulls when their bodies hit the floor...just sayin'.

I'm 5'5" and weigh about 126 lbs.  When I did the test yesterday after running 10 miles and being numb, cold, and stiff, I "plunked" down on the floor not using any body parts; but due to my serious back problems, my back sure did hurt after I "hit" the floor.  I couldn't get up without using a knee and one hand.  Today, being thawed out and not so stiff, I didn't "hit" the floor nearly as hard, and I was able to get up just using one hand - so I guess I scored a 9.  Now, maybe I WILL live to be 80!!

I think you'll bury us all TW. I would not concern yourself with stuff like this when you can run ten miles. I consider myself in better shape than most my age; a LOT better shape than many, and I would not dream of attempting to run ten miles.

You must be in pretty good shape there TW,

I am tempted to give it a go but don't want to harm myself,

maybe I will do some exercises pretending I am holding on to

the handles of a water ski being pulled by a boat,

until my knees and thighs become more flexible...maybe, lol!




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