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were the guys who got shot armed too ?? 

"On Monday, the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Department released this statement: "We have had numerous inquiries, blog comments and Facebook postings about the relationship between the Normandy double homicide last night in the Golden Corral parking lot and the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. We are confident to say where we are in the investigation that this is not the case at all. There is NO link at all between these cases, nor did we ever suspect one.""

well .. that may be true .. but its not like they wouldn't wanna keep a lid on somethin like this if they could .. or twist a story around a bit .. i'm not sayin they're lyin .. but with the media nowadays i find a lot of stuff thats said to be untrue .. so i ask questions .. and more questions .. and more questions .. 

you need to get out more frenchy...the sun's out and the sky is blue...not a conspiracy in sight....

Yet people thought the police were holding back on the Zimmerman case, which the police didn't think should come to trial but politically was forced to trial,  and it looks like the police's thinking was right and maybe they weren't holding anything back and AAGGHH!!. 


It's ALL a big conspiracy when it's not the thing WE individually think should happen.

with all the crap we get to sift thru....did you check that link??? celebrity tits and ass 'reports'.....vast coverups and conspiracies....it's a checkout stand rag without any redeeming standards....the 10 biggest coverups....the alien invasion they won't tell you about.....this is the kind of braindead shit makes glenn beck look like he hasn't pickled his fricking brains

Uh, did you see my post on Ray Donovan below?  You are preaching to the choir.

it must be sorely distressing to someone who has taught journalism....

oh here's an example of the caliber of that link...


and neither was watergate ... at first .. hey i'm not sayin its connected .. i have no idea .. i'm just askin what the connection was between the shooters and the shootee's .. and the reason for such shootin .. were both sides armed ?? i'm sure there was probably somebody shot who had a romney or an obama bumper sticker on their car too .. probably had nothin to do with why they got shot .. but shit happens , so you ask questions .. look for connections and clues .. sooner or later somethin turns up .. if you keep askin the right questions ..  and i was just out .. mowed the lawn .. the sky was blue .. for a freakin change .. its been pretty much rainin almost all the time around here .. i never seen so much freakin rain down here .. what was that post awhile ago about the ground to satelite radar stations or somethin they got goin on in alaska ?? and how that was effectin the weather ?? one side of the country is gettin flooded and the other half is on fire all the time .. you can't say somethin ain't goin on with the weather .. and i'm not gonna blame the myan calender or space invaders but you gotta admit .. it is kinda crazy the way the weather has been actin this year ..  

Does anybody watch Ray Donovan?  It's about a fixer.  He is hired to "fix" messes people get into. 

For example, a young male star with an action movie about to open is being blackmailed by a guy to whom he gave a blow job; the action star is secretly gay and rumors are swirling but the movie is about to open.  OK. 

A black rich guy on the other side of town wakes up next to a prostitute who OD'd.  He is married and is a pillar of the community. 

Here's how Ray fixes this.  He sneaks the married black guy out of the hotel like he'd never been there.  He puts the young star in the room with the girl, then they call the police.  So, now the young star is presumed to be hetero, will go to rehab for drugs because he and the prosty were supposedly doing them the night before, he will be forgiven by everyone and praised for going to rehab, and the married guy stays clean.


I'm telling this story because between this kind of thing and photo shop, I don't believe anything anymore.

Vigilante justice? I doubt it, that sounds more like a red neck act.

ummm, you really can't trust the media. And I get out and the sky is blue....today anyway.




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