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When I was little, we played a game called lava pit because there was an orange carpet in the living room. Anyone who fell off the furniture while climbing around the room and touched the lava was burned up alive. There's also the series of worst case scenario handbooks which are pretty funny.

Did you ever pretend to be in dire straights for the thrill of adventure?

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Nope!  I have BEEN in enough worst case scenarios to last a lifetime and they cured me of any desire to think it would be fun! <G>

i had some real ones too .. there were a few girls i knew that their fathers wanted to kill me and they weren't pretendin .. i probably coulda wrote a worst case scenario handbook or two but i'd love to hear a chapter or two from one of yours and we could compare notes .. 

Me too, the childhood I have no complaints about. I did sail on Lake Champlain for a summer. That was almost dreamlike.

My whole life is one big worst case scenario simply because I am Sicilian and maybe because I teach English and have a vivid imagination.

Example.  My neighbor has been after me for thirty years to cut down a beautiful huge old tree.  We have fought, he has threatened, but he really had no legal recourse.  During hurricane Irene, I was afraid, honest to God, that the tree would fall onto his house ( not so bad, insurance would take care of it) and not kill him ( at least he wouldn't bother me about the tree anymore if this happened), but make him a quadriplegic for the rest of his life for whom I would be responsible.  I prayed to St. Jude, promised money to St. Jude's Hospital so that that would not happen. Same thing during Hurricane Sandy. So, I made up my own worst case scenario and drove myself crazy with it.

In January of this year, we split the cost and had the tree cut down because weather in NJ seems to falling into a severe pattern--too many freak storms.


Merry:  My kids used to play ocean liner in the living room on an area rug.  If they fell off that rug, they were in the ocean and my dog was the sea monster.  Your lava pit story reminded me of that.

I so want to start a dog toy co called the BiTe mEEE doggie toy co. And introduce a line of bad neighbor squeeky toys. And a line of your x's attorney squeeky toys.>>>>Armani never tasted so good!

Voodoo with attitude!

One summer our athlete neighbor made home made stilts, we all had to have them so we made stilts, at some point that year the game was to never have your feet on the ground while outside. We had stilts to run with. It was weird but fun.


I don't know how I missed this series. These are wonderful. I just ordered the Middle School guide and the Survivor guide. I am a science teacher in a middle school and we play a game now we call "What If"....this or that happened and the kids have to think about what would happen if....it's perfect for this age group because they preface almost all their questions with "what if"? 

We also play a game called survivor...On the floor,I have taped off an outline of a small boat, and the kids have to get to boat using each other for help...requires them to cooperate in order to survive ...makes em think outside the box, which is what I try to get them to do as much as possible.

Thanks for the info on these....

I'm always a little leary of that tattered, sad old box myself.  

I get it...

If I had the money, I don't play the lottery very often but if I ever hit that ,I would definitely put money towards engaging young people through museum membership type scholarships in thinking and learning. I think the libraries as we know them are fading away but museum memberships are an affordable way for anyone to expand their education. Off topic, but yes, my one son loved the worst case scenario series and I felt it was preparing him for life's up and downs.




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