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Can you define what the word "Me" means to you ?

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as in it's all about ME and i don't give a rat's diddly-doo about YOU?? seriously, there are some folks who think the only word in the world is "me" .   i'm of the thought that "it's just me" and depending on the situation, that can be a giant ME or just a little ol' me...  obviously, i don't have a clear definition....

It means the person who lives in my body, constantly changing mostly likable sometimes stubborn. Actually I kinda like me.

Most of my life i didn't like Me . These last couple years have been different . I kinda like me .

i have my moments .. funny, musical,stupid, sad , happy , easy , difficult ,loveable ,understanding , non judgemental and sometimes just plain mental .. i'm an interestin bunch of guys in here .. it ain't easy bein me but then what choice do i have ?? its not like somebody else can do it ..nor can anyone else be the other me's that are here .. we are all special .. just like everybody else ..  




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