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Here is mine, and the funny thing is, I married a man who lived in Arizona in a haze in the 70's.  This happens to be his favorite because he used to lie down in the desert at night.  Freaky!


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I fantasize that I'm the woman with the sparkiling earings up against my skin so brown.  See how dark I am in my avatar, lolol.

geez jo...my answer has to vary from one time to the next....but then you KNOW me.....top contenders would be "Satin Doll" by Nancy Wilson with Count Basie...lots of Sinatra tracks...Summer Wind.....Oh Look At Me Now!...Anita O'Day "You Turned the Tables On Me"....Diana Krall with the Ray Brown Trio singing "I Thought About You"...but wait! just for today you get samples with free shipping  and handling...Call now! Don't wait "A Hundred Years From Today"


now thats funny you should pick that song cresty .. my favorite band of all time is the eagles . even ahead of the beatles or the stones or led zep .. and i still remember the first time i heard them .. i was ridin down the jersey shore with my buddy danny .. ( my bass bitch .. just an inside joke between us ) and on the radio comes take it easy .. i never heard it before and had no idea who these guys were .. so as we're ridin down the garden state parkway i look over at danny and say who are these guys ?? and he just shrugs .. second verse and again i'm askin .. who are these guys ?? i had read that steve stills was puttin a group together called manasas and thought maybe its them ?? but i knew stills wouldn't let someone else sing the lead in his group so i dismissed that idea .. and then came the lead guitar .. a telecaster with a b bender which is special lever that lets you raise the b string a whole step to give the guitar a pedal steel kinda sound .. and at the time there weren't all that many of them .. in fact its still a rarity .. and if you listen to the song you picked peaceful easy feelin bernie leadon uses it on that song too to give it that distinctive sound .. so anyway down the road we go and by now all worked up .. WHO ARE THESE GUYS !!!! WHO ARE THESE GUYS !!  i sounded like paul newman in butch cassidy and the sundance kids when they were bein chased by the pinkerton detectives ..and then the song ends and the dj says and thats the eagles .. and all i could say was the eagles ?? who the fuck are the eagles ?? i went right out and got their first album and listened to it literally all night .. it seemed that my son had just been born and would be home from the hospital in a few days so i had to repaint the apt. so i put that album on and listened to it all nite .. by the next day i could pretty much play every song on it .. but my favorite is still take it easy .. here's a demo version that you'll hardly ever hear .. probably be pulled next time you look for it .. but it shows they were still workin the arrangements out .. 

Absolutely love all these, I couldn't name a favorite song...have memories of so many good ones.

The Eagles are my all-time favorite group, as well.  (kinda hot for Tim Schneider.....but that's a whole other subject)

I don't know if I have a favorite of theirs.  This is certainly one....but I love Gonna Be a Heartache Tonight....Seven Bridges Road......Desperado.....and so many others. 

I want Garth Brooks' "The Dance" played at my memorial service....."And now...I'm glad I didn't know...the way it all would end....the way it all would go.  Our lives are better left to chance.  I could've missed the pain.....but I'd have had to miss.....the dance."

ohhh inspirational stuff....

the Eagles are one of my favorites too, and back in the day we used to go to a bar that had a band that did all their music and were really good. I'm asked to sing Desperado at most parties we go to and that's my favorite Eagles song. As for one all time favorite, there's no way I can say cause I have too many of them. 

Margaritaville, I love to listen to Jimmy Buffett and dream. I always wanted to live the life he sings about

I want Forever Young, the Dylan Version, played at my funeral.  That and a bunch of really Catholic songs.

I think for a favorite body of work, I'm gonna have to go with Kris Kristofferson.  I saw him in concert  when he turned 70 in NYC in a very small venue that held only a few hundred people.  It was just  him and his guitar and a harmonica around his neck, and he sang the old stuff and lots of not so well known stuff.  I cried through the whole thing--I mean cried at the beauty of the words.  My Husband said I cried because Kris doesn't have a voice.  NOT TRUE!  His words--so poignant.  He writes on the deepest level about love and life.

boy do I envy you, crest. I love Kristofferson, have ever since the old days. I realize he doesn't have a voice like most singers, but he feels his words and that shows through when he sings. That must have been an awesome concert!

I really like Kristofferson's body of work. Especially his early stuff. Beat the Devil, The Pilgrim Ch. 33, Sunday Morning Coming Down, Silver Tongued Devil and Me and Bobby McGee are some of my favorites. I have never seen him play live and i envy you that but I have seen him twice. Once in the Nashville airport and once in a dive bar off Music Row back in 1971.

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