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...and..she's kinda cute.

She's really cute...and she just lost 100 lbs! Here she is all cleaned up:



You know what, I wish I looked that good in a bathing suit. I'm doing everything I can to beat the heat around here but a water park would be awesome.

she's lookin' good.

'family friendly'? how bout they totally ban 2 piece bathing suits then....and don't forget have the skirt come down midthigh...afterall it is a judgement call right?  she wasn't showing anything that she shouldn't....some folks need to be taught to leave their personal standards at home with their wife in a burqa and use real standards...if they can show it on their prime time tv ala hawaii 5-0 or csi then what's the problem? maybe some pimply little wienerwackers gonna pop a chubbie for her?

Don't pimply little weinerwackers pop chubbies for EVERYTHING?

pretty much......explains a lot doesn't it?

i mean these are the guys that get excited about weird knotholes and stuff.....remember?

what?? what did you say? sorry,i was looking at that cute little.....um,nevermind.

i'm beginning to see a pattern.

And don't let your pets go down the path to perdition either:

A picture I found very funny, enjoy! Follow -> @[271915499553486:274:Different Solutions] for more!




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