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It looked to me that everything that needed to be covered was covered. What is wrong with people? Why is half the country afraid of woman's bodies now? 

Grow up America!

i'm behind her all the way.

she's kinda cute

I thought Missouri was 'the show me State'.

I could understand if she was banned in Boston.

she looked pretty good to me .. i'd rather look at her than some 19 year old girl .. 

Get out your burka's ladies...some of these menfolk can't control those their urges...they might get a chubbie right out there in the water...geez!

"American Taliban"...We don't need to worry about them crazy ass moslems and their sharia law...it's our own home grown ignorant attitudes and interpretation of scripture that gonna get us.

It's a water park for goodness sake...she didn't show up at church on Easter Sunday...use some judgement!

Totally uncalled for....

you made me laugh kathy .. its true about them walmart pics tho .. 


I thought she looked fine as well.  She said she recently lost 100 pounds.  Let her be proud of her new body.  It's okay for men to wear those little marble holder bathing suits that leave nothing to the imagination, but not for this softig woman to wear a bikini?  Oy!

oy was the word that came to my mind when i saw her too.. 

age discrimination.....it is a municipal pool....which means managers don't set policy. the policy is set because it is a govt entity...thus it is supposed to be the same standards across the board for everyone. thus it doesn't matter if she was 15 or 50..whether she left the pool personnel thinking they don't like to see it and would rather see 18 year olds has nothing to do with fair treatment. welcome to real life kiddies...deal with it...the world doesn't follow your wishes. people are allowed to offend your delicate sensibilities...otherwise there would be no reality tv or dog the bounty hunter or jersey shore or purple houses or amc gremlins

speaking of Dog, I dont' think I'd want to see Beth in a Bikini.  She must be a 88DDD.  Yikes, she is buxom.




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