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As if my back didn't hurt bad enough.  The guy didn't want to get out of his car, I insisted. Funny thing is it screwed his car up and mine had one little scratch. I think he might have been imbibing (this was an after thought) because when I thought about it he kept backing away from me when talking.

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Ha! Crap happens, I was more concerned for my back than the car.

Didn't you call the cops ?

No, my car wasn't really messed up his was. I had all his info and we were in rural nowhere.  It would have taken a while.

The end result from the guy who rearended me last month was that his insurance called me, came and looked at the damage and wrote a check for the it and then some one contacted me about a medical report I had already seen a doctor about the port being displaced, all was ok...and that's the end of it. The company was Century 21 Insurance, a Subsidiary of Farmers Insurance... I used to have them but they stopped writing auto policies in Florida....a good ending...if an accident can not be disruptive it was as little as possible.
Hope the back doesn't give too much trouble...

Thanks, me too.  Glad you are ok from your wreck as well.

Well....I've been hit by drunks a couple of times. I don't like the idea of a drunk driver thinking that he'll get away with it again, but winds up running down a child. I ALWAYS call the cops....

i gotta agree with snag on this one dwalt .. 

I was rear ended a couple of weeks ago too.  I had the light and was turning right when a pedestrian stepped into the cross walk, I stopped short so that I wouldn't hit her and a cab hit my back corner bumper.  I pulled over and so did he.  Tried to imply that I was at fault.  yeah, not so much.  His cab wasn't damaged but my bumper looks punched in on the corner.  I called it into the insurance company, but I don't think I am going to bother with a claim.  The car is 10 years old and has its fair share of dings.  It doesn't impact the performance and no one what hurt.  More trouble than it is worth I think.  

T...the taxi company should pay for your repairs, not yours.
My car is a 2001 Toyota Highlander...his company paid $400 to buff out a black scratch on my rear bumper.
And if someone hits you in the rear...that person is at fault...(prima fasia evidence sp?)

I know, and my insurance co would handle the claim, but it would be a pain just taking it into shop to get it bumped out.  I know I should probably pursue it...but

It didn't hit me that he might have been drinking until after the fact. I was driving home wondering why he was acting so weird and that was the only thing I could come up with.

our gift in sympathy....




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