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ok i don't know how long all of you have been here but i know some of you for more than a few years .. but not all .. this is just one of those musings you have .. a fleetin thought .. when the first social sites came upon the scene i think most people mistook them for datin sites and don't get me wrong i do believe that you can meet someone this way .. just ask dell .. not only did he meet the love of his life thru a social site he also wrote a book about it .. but after awhile it became clear that these were just cyber hangouts where you could exchange ideas and maybe there were a few hookups here and there .. but that wasn't the main reason that most of us were here .. but every now and then some newbie would come along and put up their first post and it would go somethin like this ..

hi i'm bob and i'm 5'9'' weigh about 210 and i like women who like car racin and good movies and maybe a beer and some good ole country music .. if i sound like someone you'd like to meet message me and we'll talk .. 

and of course we'd all laugh and jump on the poor bastard right away and set em straight and he'd never come back again unless he had a thick skin and could take a good ribbin .. it was clear he was there for one thing and one thing only .. and thats the reason why i think a lot of sites start out with 500 members and only have 50 that are active .. they all come thinkin they'll hookup and find its not really about that .. don't get me wrong there are women and men to meet .. but you'll only meet them if you become part of the group usually .. i dunno just one of my late nite musings .. if dell wrote his book all over again i wonder what he'd change knowin what he knows now ..  

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weird but funny...

geee you just had to ask where i got mine didn't you?

always loved the knockers 




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