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i know i mentioned this on eons a long time ago cause it pissed me off so bad.. but i joined a site about it just so i could slam them every chance i got .. well lately i haven't gotten all that many responses but i got one yesterday and thought i'd share my reply to some poor sucker tryin to figure out what to do about his busted magic bullet ..here's my reply 

wow , i can't believe they're still actually sellin that piece of sh*t .. i guess slick advertisin can do that for ya .. and some people will fall for anything .. i know i did too .. but they'll never ever get me to buy anything they sell ever ever again .. once was enough .. my little plastic gear broke on mine .. thats the one that turns the plastic base .. in any event not only would they not honor any kind of warranty , they wouldn't let me buy that cheap little plastic gear .. they actually tried to sell me a whole new base unit .. and they actually thought i might buy it too .. the cahones on them huh?? i guess they figure if you're stupid enough to buy it the first time you'll be stupid enough to buy it the second time too .. and i told em look all i want is the little plastic gear .. as a matter of fact let me buy 5 of em cause i know they'll break so why be messin around .. just sell em to me now so i'll be ready .. and they actually said to me that it was too dangerous for me to replace that gear myself .. are you kiddin me ?? now how stupid do they really think we are out here ?? i mean come on already .. its a knob that slides onto a knurled shaft .. my 3 year old grandaughter could do it .. all you have to do is push it on .. but without that cheap .. and i mean cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap plastic gear your magic bullet becomes the magic doorstop . and it ain't even all that good at that either .. its a piece of sh*t people.. thats all it is . so don't try and b.s yourself to make yourself feel like you're not that stupid and got taken .. you did .. we all did .. if you own a magic bullet and you're here then you got taken .. just admit it and move on to somethin better .. shame on them for takin us like they did .. but shame on us if we try to think its anything better than a piece of sh*t .. cause then you'd really be stupid ..

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I don't know what it is.

I was thinking about buying a small food processor so that it would be easier to make my honmemade pesto this year.  So I went looking around and saw the magic bullet and some other "as seen on TV" products and thought of you. I remembered your bad experience and your rant and walked right on by.  They didn't have what I was looking for so I ended up just using my blender again...worked fine and the pesto turned out great.  So thanks you to Frenchy, I dodged a Magic Bullet!  LOL

flipper the magic bullet was this kitchen gadget that was supposed to be so handy .. NOT ...  but their commercials looked so good you thought gee this is cool .. NOT .. here's a quick clip from consumer reports and what they think of it .. and they probably didn't use it long enough for it to up and die .. turned out to be the most expensive potato pancake maker ever .. and it wasn't even all that good at that either .. but their commercials did look good tho i gotta say .. right down to the old lady in the robe that looks like she just fell off a garbage truck with the 2 inch ash on her ciggarette .. but the thing is useless .. spend a little bit more and get a ninja .. they really work .. and work good .. 

here's a ninja .. not the one i have but it still works .. try doin this with an ordinary blender .. no way jose ..

thanx frenchy,i never saw that before.and now I know not to waste my money on it.

Your magic bullet story is a metaphor for the free market.  It's all legitimate if it's not illegal and the market tolerates it.  The only way to stop it is to protest.

I just had a thing in May with a Nissan car dealership.  When my lease was up with them, I wrote to anybody and everybody in the home offices, same letter, explaining that I would NOT pay the lease termination fee of close to $400 because the guys at the dealership screwed me over so badly that I couldn't even lease a Nissan.  I won.



i agree with you about the free market cresty .. but they shouldn't be able to promise you one thing and then not deliver or completely renege on warranties .. and trust me i do fight . and when i do they wish they woulda just talked to me .. case in point .. i got a pentair pool pump a couple of years ago .. its supposed to be one of the better ones made .. not some cheapie .. and you pay for that amount of quality , or should i say percieved quality .. well it pretty much rusted away in less than 2 years and went tits up , so i called customer service to explain what happened and they said nothin we can do sorry .. i asked to speak to the supervisor because they switched this pump when i first got it because a guy at the home office gave me the wrong wirin instructions .. they patched me thru to the supervisor and lo and behold he's not at his desk but he'll call back as soon as he can yada yada yada .. well he never did so i bought some cheap chinese pump for less than half the price and its soo much quieter and it works even better .. so this summer i put my pentair pump up for sale on ebay and told everyone who visits my auction what a piece of sh*t this pump is and how pentair won't even speak to me and it was a good bet that after a year they still won't call me .. every week i have close to a hundred or more people look at that auction .. and every one of em know that i really don't care if i sell that pump or not .. that auction is a vendetta and i'll run it forever .. i don't care . and every week i get at least one or two guys say wow thanks buddy i was gonna buy a pentair pump and now i'm not .. and then they ask me what pump i did get so i tell them . and in a few weeks i'll run another auction for a computer i got from some swindler on ebay and i'll sink that sucker too .. yup .. sometimes you can't just thump some sucker in the nose like you want to .. so you find a different way ..   

I've got a magic bullet, but it was given to me by someone whose no longer around to use it.  I used a few times for frozen drinks and it worked (still does as far as I know) but I've given up the frozen drinks - they made my ass look big in ANY thing I wore - so the magic bullet sits there - if someone needs one of the parts and is willing to pay for shipping - it's theirs, lol!  I need to get rid of stuff just cluttering up the place anyway!

geee you missed the part that with enough frozen drinks, your ass doesn't look big anymore no matter who you are. it's a variation on 'beer goggles'. Just tryin' to be helpful here...

i never complained about a girls ass lookin big .. but the bullet is still a piece of sh*t mickey .. make your frozen drinks with a ninja .. and don't worry about your ass .. 

I bought a Magic Bullet several years ago because I thought it'd be great for chopping onions which I was constantly doing but Good Lord....it was SO POWERFUL, all I needed was to add ICE and I could have an ONION COCKTAIL!!! NO THANK YOU....I took it RIGHT BACK and am perfectly happy with my Vidalia Onion Slicer. (OH and I bought a BRAND NEW "Slap Shot" at a garage sale for $4.00 so I'm set to chop anything!!)


you were the smart one kim .. you brought it back before it was too late .. that bullet when it did work was pretty much a one trick pony which was to just make smoothies .. and it didn't even really do that all that well . in the infomercial it showed it choppin cheese and no way could that sucker do that .. so much of what they showed it doin was not true .. it was all a con job .. and a really slick one at that ..  




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