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there was a lady who had a small daughter who was sad cause the family dog died .. so when she asked her mom where their dog went the mom told her this tale about the rainbow bridge .. she said when dogs get old they go over the rainbow bridge where they wait for you to be rejoined with them .. and while they're there they are young and healthy again just playing and happy till your arrival .. and whenever a person comes over the rainbow bridge all the dogs heads lookup to see who it is so they can greet their master when they arrive .. yeah i know it sounds corny .. but its a comforting thought .. so anyone have any pics of former pets they'd like to remember ?? i'll go first .. this is my ralphie dog at about 8 weeks old .. you never think that at some point they'll get old enough to die from old age when they look that young and healthy ..   

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So sorry, Frenchy.  There is no way to stop it.  When it's time for them to go, we have to let them go.  I understand the pain in your heart.  She deserves your tears and the pain you feel because she was a good girl.  Sorry again.

i have owned animals of all sorts for my whole life.  right now i'm down to just one corgi, Bailey.. who is 14.  he's lost some of his hearing, but otherwise he's still healthy and loves to ride in the car with me, go on  hikes, walk on the beach... where ever i am, he wants to be there.

so sorry Frenchy!  i know just what you've gone through.... ((((hugs))))

thanks  everybody .. if you've had a dog or cat i'm sure you know how i feel .. its no different for you than it is for me .. at one point or another you've either been in my shoes or will be .. or perhaps you've been there more than once .. either way you know .. and i know you know .. so when i say thanks from the middle of my heart you know i mean it .. 

I feel bad for you...hugs,hun.




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