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So I had my annual check up the other day and the Dr. suggested I get some shots.  I was going to ask for the Flu Shot, but he also mentioned the Pneumonia Vaccine and another one to prevent Whooping Cough ( apparently it is making a come back).  So not wanting to feel like a total pin cushion, we agreed on the Flu and Pneumonia shots, and I will consider the other one next time.  One in each arm.  Now I remember from my Chemo days when a nurse told me to make sure and relax your muscles before getting the shot and it would't hurt so much.  Which I did and both shot went in smooth as silk with barely a pinch.  However, three days later and the arm that received  the Pneumonia Shot, feels like a professional boxer used my upper arm as a practice bag.  The other is fine.  Makes me wonder, what the heck was in the shot?  LOL  Any body else have this issue?

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I don't get either, but I remember that happening when my kids got shots.

I read that the flu shot this year is not compatible with the flu viruses that are going around.  Now, even though I have never had a flu shot, watch me get it this year because there is a whole new flu out there.  I really think I have been immunized from being around kids at school most of my adult life. 

Have flu shot every year lately, got pertussis ( like the baby DPT booster) and a shingles shot last year, arm was kinda "cranky" for a few days... Haven't needed the pneumonia one yet .... Better to be safe than sorry ...

what are the odds you won't get any of this stuff if you get the shots ?? anybody know for sure ?? 

I get the Flu shot every year at the VA and got it this year in early October. The arm gets a little sore for a day or two. They did not mention the other ones. I think it does some good as I can't recall the last time I go the Flu.  I have some strange "shot stories" from the early 70s. In one of them I get a whole slate of shots while in the service, maybe a dozen or so. The next day I am transferred to a new station and the first thing I am ordered to sick bay to "my shots" because they are not listed in my health record. So I am ordered to get the whole slate over again. So I show up and the Corpsman looks at my arm where I got most of them the day before and it already looks swelled up and nasty, so he says, "I can see you got them so I will just write it down and give you one or two where getting a double dose won't hurt you."  I always feel an affinity for the Kafka character caught up in the grindings of a big bureaucracy where nothing makes sense and no one can hear you. 




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