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Anyone watching the two hour special about Roosevelt tonight on PBS ? Starts at 8pm and shows again at 10 pm . May be good to watch ....

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I dvr-ed it and watched it a little after it aired tonight.  I just finished reading a huge book about Teddy called The bully Pulpit, so I am interested.  He was an amazing man, but, interestingly enough, for all the good he did with reform, he had a "blood lust."  He killed animals and mounted them, he intruded himself into the Spanish America war and was exhilarated that the battles were so fierce.  Interesting part of his personality, for sure.

I've mounted more then a few animals in my time, but I've never killed any.

Maybe my morals are too high.

Mounting dead animals just seems wrong.

I agree.  I don't understand the whole hunting for sport concept.  Who can enjoy seeing something live take its last breath?  Everytime I have seen it in my life, whether I watched a human or an animal die, my heart has been ripped out of me.

Even though I'm a manly, man I've never gone hunting...in fact I've only been fishing about a dozen times. Never golfed, don't spit, don't hit women....but I do gamble...and chase women...and eat jalapenos.  

The reason you never hunted is because you are hunted.  (remember the ex-wives)  Geez I hunt, fill my freezer every year but mounting wasn't on my agenda.  I do ride my horses though...

Good to know that you are still alive.

I was afraid that you'd become part of some doctors trophy case.

You'd appreciate this encounter that happened to me yesterday. True story...

I was in Kohl's looking at shoes. A guy around 50 years old said to me "the boss said I could spend $50.00 on shoes. How much are you allowed to spend?" I replied "I don't have a boss. I've buried 2 wives". He looked embarrassed and said "I'm sorry' to which I said "it's o.k., as long as the cops don't find out where I buried them". He kind of distanced himself from me after that. 

Ha! Up here they would have hauled you in. (of course your "dearly departeds" are up here.)  Wish I'd have been there I would have run with that.  People need to lighten up. I mean..as your wives now know, life is short..

Yes.  He was weak and ill and not expected to live long. He had to prove them all wrong.

Hunting to feed oneself or the family is fine with me as well.  I heard someone say once that an animal that is hunted at least gets to live the life he was meant to live until his last breath where much of the meat we eat today is kept confined, etc.  So that changed my attitude about hunting to eat. I watch some of the shows about people living off the grid, and they must hunt.  Different from people who pay special game ranches to kill animals just for the sport of it.  I just don't understand it.

yeah i agree cresty .. if you're gonna hunt then you should eat it otherwise whats the point .. i had a girlfriend who was a widow a few years back and she told me her husband was not only a hunter but he also was an amatuer taxadermist .. and that she had a lot of stuff that he had killed and stuffed around the house .. boy oh boy she wasn't kiddin .. she had a really big house and it was filled with stuffed animals .. you name it .. they had it .. and a lot of em more than one or two .. she had a buffalo . yup i said that right .. she had a buffalo in her family room .. not just the head mind you now but the whole animal .. and the way it was placed there was a gator chewin on its tail .. and there were a few mountain lions and bears .. in one of her bathrooms was this goats head that if you took a piss was starin you right in the eye .. and in her bedroom .. there were about 4 or 5 dear heads .. and one of em was his first attempt at doin a dear head so the mouth was a little off so it had a sorta sneer or a snicker so they called him the gay deer .. there otters and bobcats and turkeys all over the place .. i'm surprised he didn't shoot her and stuff her too.. but thats another story ain't it ??  

I didn't watch the show, I do like Teddy but FDR was my third favorite president. My husband grew up on a ranch so almost everything they ate was either hunted or raised by them, my husband does not fish or hunt but his sister does. His father kept the ranch going during the depression by being a hunter trapper, all those furs paid the taxes and kept them in food and clothes.

Ken Burns has a way of telling a story...can't remember the last time I got so hooked on a TV program...well done.




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