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ever wonder what the difference is ?? neither one is wired quite right but the best way i can explain it is .. a sociopath will kill you cause you have purple sox.. a psychopath will kill you cause you have sox .. i know i know .. not much of a distinction .. but there is a distinction .. anybody else have a better explanation ?? 

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The kid who just killed all the people in California is a classic sociopath according to the definitions.

Lifey, that sounds tough.

I think I was with a sociopath for several years between marriages, however, poor guy tried so hard to be normal.  He was in therapy the whole time I was with him and he put himself in therapy the first time when he was fifteen.

He had his good points, for sure, or I wouldn't have stayed with him for so long, but I never considered a life with him--too volatile and sometimes very paranoid.  The look in his eyes would go from normal to crazy.

yeah its tough lovin them kinda people .. you have to keep checkin your lugnuts all the time .. 

As I understand it, sociopathy is as much an abnormal emotional condition as it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Psychopathy, on the hand, frequently is a nearly emotionless, inhuman lack of the very emotions that drive the rest of us...

In other words, sociopaths know what they're doing is wrong, but can't or won't control themselves; Psychopaths have little to no grasp of right and wrong, and even less concern for the carnage they cause. Sociopaths see potential victims. Psychopaths see potential targets. The difference may not seem that great (especially to those on the receiving end), but it is important when it comes to early detection and the most effective treatments or programs.




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