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What is Soul ?

Do you have a Soul ?

Can you describe your own feeling of Soul ?

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Sometimes when everything comes together, I just know it's my soul speaking to me.  It can happen at twilight when the wind stills and the water on the lake becomes like glass and the only sounds I hear are the peepers and the crickets and the birds.  It can happen with a good song or watching my dog play with her little doggy niece who I am babysitting this weekend.  It's a feeling of oneness with the universe.  It's in there, lol.

Makes ya feel good doesn't it... I like to think God caused all things  . But a lot will disagree as always . I enjoy sitting out side and listening to the sounds of nature . One of the best feeling one can have . Too many people can't slow down to enjoy whats around us ....

I believe my soul is my inner self

Being able to think

Knowing what's right or wrong

Believing in something

I believe every one has a soul whether they are religious or not .

I wonder when a person dies that their soul dies also .

When i think of dieing i wonder if i will have a since of peace within .

Instead of nothing .

I did see Dragonfly and loved every min of it ...




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